Malware and Virus Removal

Malware can steal your identify and financial information, or hold your data for ransom, or it can just be an annoyance. Either way, it is unwelcome and needs to be removed and blocked. In most situations, malware can be removed and the computer protected. In some situations, the computer is disabled by the virus and needs to have the operating system reinstalled (or a new operating system installed).

I can help you with:


Prevention is a simple process and I am happy to make recommendations that you can implement yourselfwithout charge. Or, if you would rather, I can clean your computer, install software to minimize your risk of becoming infected, and teach you things that will help keep you safe.


Sometimes, you may not even know that your computer has been infected. When your computer isn’t running as well as it used to, it may be a virus, or it could be other things. I can recommend ways for you to narrow down the problem, or you can have me diagnose the computer. If an infection is found, I will remove the infection and recover lost data, if possible, and help to prevent further infection.


If you know you have an infection, I will do my best to remove the infection and get your computer back to normal. If needed, I will recover data (if possible) and reinstall the operating system.


Sometimes infected computers can no longer connect to the internet. I am happy to fix this for you. If possible, I will remove the infection, recover lost data, and help to prevent further infection. If your computer is infected, but you still have an internet connection, I can recommend tools so you so that you can resolve the problem yourself.  Give me a call.