Juba Marimba: Jubalation!

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Juba Marimba
PO Box 2093
Bellingham, WA 98227-2093
E-mail: contact@jubamarimba.com
Phone: 360-756-9230 (Deb) or 360-714-8515 (Bobbie or Tedd)

*Bellingham Independant Musicians Association


(2004, Notes: 8pp.)

CD (554-C) $15.00

Tracks: (click links to hear 60 second sample)

  • 1. Mombe Yehu Mai (arranged by Sheasby Matiure) (2:45)
  • 2. Mbube (composed by Solomon Linda; arranged by Kite Giedraitis, Juba Marimba) (4:46)
  • 3. Latin Waltz (composed by Keith Fredrikson; arranged by Juba Marimba) (3:33)
  • 4. Chemwaenyera (composed by Dumisani Maraire; arranged by Dumisani Maraire, Juba Marimba) (5:56)
  • 5. Siakudumisa (arranged by Michael Breez, Juba Marimba) (6:51)
  • 6. Kumakomo (Trad.; arranged by Chris Berry) (4:07)
  • 7. Gandanga (Trad.; arranged by Sheasby Matiure, Juba Marimba) (4:46)
  • 8. Mangwanani (composed by Dumisani Maraire; arranged by Dumisani Maraire) (7:25)
  • 9. Ndofa Ndichi Baiwa (Trad.; arranged by Dumisani Maraire) (3:31)
  • 10. Makudo (composed by Chris Berry; arranged by Chris Berry, Randy MacIntosh, Juba Marimba) (3:52)
  • 11. Warigamukono (Trad.; arranged by Dumisani Maraire) (5:43)
  • 12. Chemtengure (Trad.; arranged by Farai Gezi, Dumisani Maraire, Ephat Mujuru, Juba Marimba) (4:46)
  • 13. Baba Mudiki (composed by Paul Mataruse; arranged by Paul Mataruse) (7:06)

drums, hosho, kudu horn, marimba, percussion, voice.


Bobbie DeBoard, Marie Eaton, Keith Fredrikson, John Hatten, Tedd Judd, Pete Lincoln, Karen Mills, RuthAnne Muller, Larry Sult


2010 Juba Marimba