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  Our album, Jubalation!
is available from
any band member,
or at:
The Community Food Coop
Village Books
BIMA locations*

Juba Marimba donates a portion of the proceeds from sale of each CD to Zimbabwaen AIDS relief. Read more...


Juba Marimba
PO Box 2093
Bellingham, WA 98227-2093
E-mail: contact@jubamarimba.com
Phone: 360-756-9230 (Deb) or 360-714-8515 (Bobbie or Tedd)

*Bellingham Independant Musicians Association

Juba Marimba 1996 - 2011

We took turns cooking a shared meal for our weekly practice. In order of who cooks, the band is:




Picture of Marie



Picture of Simme

Picture of Suzanne




Picture of Tedd



Many others have been members of the band and we will always hold them in highest regard including Chad, Kathy, Karen, Keith, Larry, Pete, Margen, RuthAnne, and Tracy.

2011 Juba Marimba