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 Our album, Jubalation!
is available from
any band member.*

* Juba Marimba donates a portion of the proceeds from sale of each CD to Zimbabwaen AIDS relief. Read more...


Juba Marimba
PO Box 2093
Bellingham, WA 98227-2093
E-mail: contact@jubamarimba.com
Phone: 360-756-9230 (Deb) or 360-714-8515 (Bobbie or Tedd)

*Bellingham Independant Musicians Association

Juba Marimba 1996 - 2011.

In a bittersweet decision, Juba Marimba decided to have one last concert at one of our favorite venues, Elizabeth Park. Retired players Karen, Keith, Larry and Tracy returned to make it a reunion as well as a farewell concert. It was great to play this one last time, but we have all moved on. Keith and Larry are still playing bluegrass with the Prozac Mountain Boys, Deb and Simme continued to play with Sweet Pumpkins until they decided to move in different directions, Tracy Spring continues to pursue her perfessional music career, Deb, John and Tedd have joined up with three of the original Big Bad Monkeys to form a new band, Kuungana, playing marimba, mbira, drums and other instruments, Deb is also playing with Ruvara, and Bobbie and Tedd are enjoying having thier living room back. We donated the balance of our bank account (several thousand dollars) to various organizations working in Africa, and we donated our sound system to MakeShift/Jinx Art Space in Bellingham.

Wishing you all the best!

Juba Marimba
    Bobbie, Chad, Deb, John, Karen, Keith, Larry, Pete, Margen, Marie, Pete, RuthAnne, Simme, Suzanne, Tedd and Tracy.
And in memory of Kathy Mason.

"If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance." Old Zimbabwean saying

Juba Marimba is a group of nine musicians from Bellingham, Washington who have taken this saying to heart. Their group plays traditional and contemporary dance music of Africa on seven marimbas of their own making. Their music is an infectious and irresistible blend of rhythm and harmony.
The Marimba, a wooden xylophone with resonators which naturally amplify the sound, is an ancient folkloric instrument played throughout Indonesia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Juba Marimba plays the whole family of marimbas, from the bass and baritone which must be played while standing on platforms, to the more familiar tenors and sopranos, which are played standing up, or seated,respectively.

 Our music is based on the music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe, whose dazzling rhythmic patterns and beautiful interlocking melodies make dancing virtually irresistible. This powerful music can reach across age and cultural divides to bring people together on the dance floor. "What I particularly like," remarks band member Keith Fredrikson, "is turning people on to other cultures through music from around the world." On hearing the music for the first time people have often described the feeling as one of coming home.

Come dance to the sounds of Juba Marimba. It's guaranteed to make you feel good.

Juba Marimba at Elizabeth Park in Bellingham, summer 2004

2011 Juba Marimba