I have a reputation of being exceedingly fair. Excellent customer service is my top priority. I always strive to provide you the solution that makes the most sense for you – not the one that makes me the most money. All my work is guaranteed for a year. See my 100% guarantee below. If you have any questions or concerns about cost, please call during normal business hours and I will do my best to ensure that you get the most cost effective solution. (If I can’t answer immediately, please leave a message or a text.

​If I can’t diagnose your problem THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE and if I am unable to fix your computer (assuming that you are willing to pay what it takes) THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE.


It sometimes makes more sense to have your computer problems looked at and repaired on-site, especially if it is a network issue or interconnected equipment. The first hour charge for on-site visits within the Bellingham city limits is $110, and $90 per hour on site.

Outside of Bellingham city limits, a transportation fee of $60 per hour is charged for travel to your location ($30 per hour round trip) for transportation time.

On the other hand, there are sometimes problems that are more easily resolved in my shop such as data recovery and many laptop repairs.  If bringing a desktop computer in to the shop for repairs, usually only the computer itself is needed – no chords, keyboard, etc. If bringing a laptop, please bring the power supply on the off chance there isn’t one that fits here in the shop.Many services are on a flat fee basis so that you don’t end up paying more even if it takes longer than predicted. For work not otherwise priced, my in-shop hourly rate is $80 per hour. Here are some of my flat fees. Call if you have any questions.

I am also happy to provide remote consultation by phone at $60 per hour by the minute and without a minimum. This is a great way to resolve simple questions.