is based in Bellingham, Washington, and provides on-site and in-shop computer repair, troubleshooting, network support, malware removal (spyware, adware, trojans, worms and virus removal), data recovery, and training, so that you can maximize your productivity and minimize frustration.

Network support includes installation and troubleshooting for wireless and wired networks, and support for Windows, Macintosh and Unix/Linux operating systems is available.

Over 30 years of experience and on-going training and certification helps maintain high quality service. Experience includes computer repair, operating system and other software installation, networking, and most significantly, troubleshooting.

Most computer problems are simple to fix. Before calling, double-check the obvious: Are all cables plugged into the appropriate place? Are all the devices turned on (computer, monitor, printer, modem, scanner, etc.)? Don’t panic. Chances are excellent that your situation can be resolved if approached carefully and systematically. Expect a positive outcome.

If you would like help, please call 360.671.7012 or e-mail support@kulshan.net.

Thank you for your interest in Kulshan Computer Services.
John Hatten